Frequently Asked Questions

When does Judging Start?

Judging will be occurring BEFORE the parade this year. Line up will start at 3:30 pm, with judging starting at 5 pm. BE IN POSITION AT 5 pm IF YOU WANT TO BE JUDGED!

How do I find out my unit line up number?

There will be an email sent out by 10/21 with line up information.

Where can I get an entry blank?

Please sign up using the Registration page on the website. If there are questions please email

How is the order of the parade determined?

The lineup is arranged by selecting units from the various categories, keeping in mind the needs of units with small children and animals. The lineup is intended to create variety throughout the length of the parade.

Why do I need to send a bio?

This is the information that is read during the parade to announce your unit. Please keep it short and sweet!

Where do I line up?

Please refer to the Parade info page. This information will also be sent in the line up email.

Is throwing candy allowed?

Candy is a big part of the parade, but we would prefer for safety's sake that you not throw candy from any vehicle. Please have walkers pass out candy along the parade route. Safety first.