$150 - Commercial Float
$150 - Commercial Non-Float
$25 - Pageant / Royalty
$25 - Dance Group
$25 - Individual / Other
FREE - Non-Profit Float
FREE - Non-Profit Non-Float
FREE - Fire / Police / Emergency
FREE - Marching Band

$1,000 - Ringmaster Sponsor - PARADE ENTRY INCLUDED
$500 - Flying Trapeze Sponsor - PARADE ENTRY INCLUDED
$300 - Strongman Sponsor - PARADE ENTRY INCLUDED
$100 - Tightrope Sponsor - PARADE ENTRY NOT INCLUDED


Important information

This year we will be implementing a few changes!

First – Registrations are DUE by 10/15. While there are always some stragglers we want to limit the number of late registrations as this delays lineup information being sent out.

Second – Payments are due NO LATER than 10/22. If payment is not received you will NOT receive a spot in line up.

Third – Judging will be occurring both BEFORE and DURING the parade this year. Lineup will begin at 3:30pm with Judging starting PROMPTLY at 5:00pm. IF you ARE NOT in place when the judges arrive at your location you will NOT be judged. We will be unable to stop back or wait for you to finish.

Lineup order is determined by our Halloween Parade Committee. Please let us know if your entry will have unique circumstances that require special consideration. We will do our best to accommodate.

Entry Fees:
Please Send Check to:
PO BOX 231
Meadville, PA 16335
and notate the name EXACTLY how it was registered online.

Or Pay Online with Paypal:

Registration Payment
Name of parade entry / sponsor

Please contact us directly via email (caycchalloweenparade@gmail.com) or phone (716-969-2766) with any registration questions or updates.